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GPH provides a caring home...
GPH provides a caring home...

...for your safety, growth & freedom

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A Comfortable Home
A Comfortable Home

Giving you a peaceful mindset

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GPH Nursing Services
GPH Nursing Services

Nursing you with Love!

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GPH provides a caring home...
GPH provides a caring home...

...for your safety, growth & freedom

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Please book a consultation meeting to see how we can help you. 

Homecare Services


Comfortable Homecare

Live-in Homecare often becomes a viable solution for youths that are concerned about social disputes and the increasing challenges to their circumstances in their family homes. The young people we accommodate, and support have varying needs which may include:

  • Challenging behaviour

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

  • Self-harming behaviours

  • Gang involvement

  • Criminal behaviour

  • Low-level sexualized behaviour, and

  • Career-choice disputes.  

Grays Pathway Homes (GPH) works on the basis of being a “good parent” – providing structure, support, encouragement, guidance, and emotional warmth. Our friendly staff provides positive role models for the young people we support.





Healthcare Visits

A health check is a mandatory routine at GPH and our clients enjoy all available services from our nurses and local Doctors' surgeries (where necessary) to ensure general healthy living and compliance to The Care Act 2014. However, our local emergency team are available 24/7 and reachable via 999 to provide the necessary support for hospital referrals.


Emergency Services Contacts:
NHS Accident & Emergency Services: 123
Your Local Emergency Health Services: 999
Grays Pathway Homes (Emergency Services): +44 7514-67-66-61

Career Consultation

As part of GPH commitment to provide bespoke services, maintain the integrity and protection of our youths, the over-arching goal is to ensure a smooth and successful transition to adulthood. This process requires GPH's impeccable assessment of the individual to ensure they are focused on their career goals. 


Our professional team is competent to work effectively with young people in the following disciplines:

  • Career Path Determination and Mentoring,

  • Responding to self-harm issues,

  • Conflict management and de-escalation,

  • Bullying awareness and safeguarding as well as first aid,

  • Communication skills and,

  • Equality and diversity.

Grays Pathway Homes (GPH) is happy to collaborate with professional training providers to develop and enhance knowledge for competitive advantage in the career aspirations of our youths. 

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